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Contemporary German Art: The New York Experience
Thursday, March 25, 2010 6-8 PM
Exhibition Dates: 3/23/2010 - 4/13/2010

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Divinely spiritual figures loom out from an ashen darkness with piercing eyes. Lean, feminine figures in dynamic poses peer back at us unequivocally, splaying out graceful wings and sharpened horns. Yet, beneath their provocative posturing they exude a veiled benevolence and hope. Enter the world of visionary artist, Peter Martin, a painter who revels in the crossroads of divinity and evil, beauty and horror. His work is profoundly expressive, employing a fiery palette and dramatic stylization rooted in his early interest in Caravaggio. References to Sumerian, Greek, and Judeo-Christian lore abound. There is a raw, primeval quality to the works speaking not only of the supernatural but of ageless questions. "Must not one sometimes show evil in order to facilitate the good?" he implores. Martin works with mixed media or acrylic creating large artworks that loom over audiences, signifying power and unearthly experience. Martin has exhibited his distinctive breed of art in his native Austria, Germany, Poland and the United States. He resides in Linz, Austria.


Peter Martin was born on Oct. 4 in Scheibbs, Lower Austria as the first of five children.

1972 - 1987
He lived in Wieselburg, Lower Austria. In his early childhood Martin was already getting to know art through his father. Visiting museums also inspired him at an early age. He was particularly attracted to the works of Caravaggio.
In school, art and history were the most important aspects for Peter Martin.

1987 - 1990
Due to poor economic conditions he had to move to Linz when he was only 16. There he learned commercial business.

The little time his education left he spent primarily on painting.

1990 - 1998
In order to dedicate himself to his passion for painting and to raise the financial resources to do so, he carried on as a business man. Still, his little freetime was spent painting. This resulted in exhibitions and private instruction under painter Franz Wilcek, Ybbs, and Professor Alfred Billy, Linz.

Participation in the "Neighbors in Time of Need" auction, Vienna City Hall.

Participation in "Herbstliche Kulturtage Stadt Wieselburg Land"

He decided only to paint and retreated to Spain (Malaga, Gibraltar und Grenada) for several months. After that, several sociocritical exhibitions took place, which were, however, unsuccessful. Disheartened by this failure, he burned a large part of his work and gave up painting and went back into the business world.

July. Participation in "Viertelfestival Niederösterreich"

2003 - 2008
Working in business in order to remain artistically independent.


May.  Exhibition Gallery Artpark Linz , Austria Exhibition "Disease Capitalism".

October (1-31). Due to great success Martin participated in a further exhibition, "God‘s Guardians" in the Artpark Gallery. The opening was a success before 120 invited guests from the worlds of business, art, and media.

Prior to the exhibition's opening, an article appeared in the art magazine "Vernissage".

A participation in the art auction of the Kiwanis Club in Bad Ischl followed in November 2008.


Kiwanis Gdansk, Poland

May (1-31). Exhibition in the Kunst & Kulturhaus Losensteiner, Altstadt 2, Linz

                                            " Linz 2009 European Capital of  Culture"

2009 - new Atelier

Hofgasse 2, Linz - "Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture"


ARTFAIR  Berlin Arttower, Berlin, Germany


R2 Gallery Vienna - Solo exhibition


Agora Gallery New York

Participation Exhibition "Contemporary German Art - Expirence New York"

Exhibition date: March 23 - April 17, 2010

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Participation Art Fair Red Dot Miami

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