Interview for TV Art show Foto Shooting for new paintings Foto Shooting for new paintings "Pray" LT1 Dr. Hermann Egger und Peter Martin Ausstellungseröffnung Gallerie R2 Wien Ausstellungseröffnung Gallerie R2 Wien Atelier Altstadt Linz 2009

Linz - Kulturhauptstadt Europa
Opening Exhibition Gallery R2 in Vienna. Opening Exhibition "God's Guardians" Gallery Artpark, Linz Austria Opening Exhibition "God's Guardians" Gallery Artpark Linz Opening Exhibition Gallery Artpark Linz, Austria
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Vernissage Atelier, Altstadt 1, 4020 Linz
Herr Walter Mayer, Frau Katharina Pawinski und Maler Peter Martin
Opening Exhibition Gallery Artpark, Linz Austria Michaela Schafrat, Peter Martin and Uwe Kröger